Annual Seasonalities

Back your decisions statistically by identifying seasonal patterns.

Seasonal Trends at a Glance

Many industries have their seasonal trends, that are recurring every single year at the exact same date. Use the information and overcome the questions when to buy and sell each single instrument. With our unique algorithms you can find and evaluate patterns with just two clicks. Pick the stock (or any other instruments) and a pattern. All relevant statistics will appear within seconds.

Save tremendous amount of time and energy on countless analysis. Eliminate the emotions by taking a more systematic approach.

Trading Opportunity - Adidas

Analyzing seasonal patterns can give you the ability to recognize opportunities in the markets. One example is the Adidas stock.

In the time period form March to April, in 13 out of the last 14 years, the stock realized profits with an average of almost 11%. Find out more about annual seasonalities in the video on the right.