Seasonax Feature Tutorial

Basket Management

Manage your baskets and prepare them for the seasonality screener.

What is the Basket Management feature?

The Basket Management feature gives you the ideal area to store instruments you are actively tracking. Furthermore, with your Business Account, this feature also allows you to search your individual baskets for interesting patterns.

How does this function help you and how do you use it?

Access the basket management and enjoy the total control of your assets
Organize your baskets and get the perfect overview
Add new Instruments to your lists and quickly access your assets

The improvement of the basket

In the past you had only one single basket containing all your instruments together (commodities, currencies, stocks). There was no way to sort or structure these different instruments.

For users with large portfolios to track this quickly became unmanageable.

Therefore, we have decided to develop the basket functionality and introduce the Basket Management feature.

With the Basket Management feature, it is now extremely easy and intuitive to create multiple baskets (up to 5 in total).

This structure easily facilitates a quick overview. On top of this there is also now the possibility to screen these baskets individually.

You can make a separate basket for “currencies” or “commodities”, fill this with the fitting assets and then simply screen the whole basket for seasonal patterns!

Furthermore, we will also show you how to scan your custom baskets for interesting trading patterns with the help of the Seasonality Screener and how to get email notifications for your bookmarked patterns.

How to: Screen your Custom Baskets

How to: Bookmark patterns & get e-mail notifications

Add instruments to your basket

Once you have selected an instrument, and the seasonal chart is displayed, you can add this instrument to the basket.

In the navigation, click on the "Baskets" item. A submenu will open, displaying the baskets you have already created plus the number of instruments they contain.

With a click on the "+ button" you can add the active instrument to the basket of your choice.

If you don't see a + symbol, don't worry, it just means that the instrument is already in your basket.

Manage baskets

To manage the baskets, open the basket submenu and click on "Manage Baskets". You will be brought to your main basket area.

In this area, existing baskets can be edited or deleted, and new ones can be added.

You can also easily and conveniently add instruments to your basket, so that you don't have to open each instrument individually (more about that in the next paragraphs)!

Create a new basket

To create a new basket, just click on the button “+ Add Basket”.

Give your new basket a distinctive name to make it more recognizable and click on “Save” or hit the enter key.

You have just successfully created a new basket. In the next step we will assign instruments to it!

Manage your instruments

To add an instrument, click on “search instruments...” and search for the instruments of your choice.

When you've found the right instrument, click on it to add it.

Let’s add some instruments that you are interested in!

You can also open the instruments directly through your baskets by simply clicking on them.

If you click on the button "Delete" the asset will get removed form your basket.

Screen your baskets

In the next tutorial we will show you how to screen your baskets for promising trading patterns using the Seasonality Screener.


Screen your baskets for seasonal patterns
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