Seasonax Feature Tutorial

Get email notifications

for your bookmarked patterns...

Get email notifications

With our email notifications you will make sure that no investment opportunity for your bookmarked patterns will be missed.

How do you enable notification emails?

Manage your patterns and add them in your calendar
Enable email notifications for your patterns
Get an email reminder 3 days before a pattern starts or ends

Manage your patterns

To mange your patterns and ensure that you will receive email notifications sent to your inbox, click on the "Patterns" section in the navigation panel and than select "Manage Patterns".

You will see a collection of all the patterns, that you have bookmarked.

Furthermore, we will also show you how to scan your custom baskets for interesting trading patterns with the help of the Seasonality Screener and how to get email notifications for your bookmarked patterns.

How to: Manage your baskets

How to: Screen your baskets

Add patterns to calendar

In order to activate the email notifications, it is necessary to add our patterns to our calendar.

To transfer one or more patterns to your calendar, first mark them with the button to the left of the instrument name.

When you click on the dropdown above the patterns, you will see several options. The first one is called "Add to calendar". Click it and the pattern gets stored in your calendar.

Let us add some patterns to your calendar!

Switch to your calendar

Now that the selected patterns have been added to the calendar, you still need to activate the email notification.

To do so, switch to your calendar, by clickong on "Patterns" in the navigation panel and select "My Cylendar".

Alternatively, you can click the calendar icon on the right side above the list to switch to your calendar.

In the calendar you can now see the start and end dates of all added patterns.

Activate email notifications

To ensure you will get an email notifications 3 days before a pattern starts or ends, click on "Notify me"

The notifications are active when the sider is highlighted in blue.

This way you will make sure that you will no longer miss promising investment opportunities in your portfolio.

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