Intraday Optimization

Enables you an edge on the market

Intraday Optimization: make your orders at the best time of the day

With Intraday Seasonality you will be able to improve your day trade timing by optimizing entry and exit points. There are multifaceted reasons for typical intra-day patterns. They range from the processing of orders at the opening of the stock market to systematic intervention in markets such as gold.

Make use of  the countless seasonal effects that you can find with the Seasonax App.

Example for Intraday optimization for the Generic 1st "G" Futures

The tutorial on the right will show you all the insights of using intraday features.

Buying bonds at a specific time of the day can save you money. With the help of the Seasonax App, you can find these points within seconds. Watch the video on the right to find out more!