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Hawaiian Holdings stock shows staggering growth rates throughout November and December

Although investors still had a rather sceptical attitude during September and October, we start to enter a more investor-friendly time of the year. November is the month where the markets awaken and stock prices start to rise again. Halloween effect and  year-end rally definitely go in favour with this trend. Arguably, this is a good time of the year to invest. Whether you share this opinion or not, our application can help you analyze the most promising stocks from a seasonal point of view.

This time we have used our resources to analyze Hawaiian Holdings. They provide scheduled and charter air transportation of passengers, cargo, and mail. They are also proud owners of Hawaiian Airlines - the 10th largest commercial airline in the US and based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaiian Airlines operates flights to Asia, American Samoa, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and the United States mainland – perfect destinations for the winter vacation that are boosting sales of the tickets during cold months.

Hawaiian is the oldest US carrier that has never had a fatal accident or a hull loss throughout its history, and frequently tops the on-time carrier list in the United States, as well as the fewest cancellations, oversales and baggage handling issues. It has also been rated as the best carrier serving Hawaii by Travel + Leisure, Zagat and Conde Nast Traveler.

 Below is a chart showing the typical pattern the stock exhibits during the course of a calendar year. These patterns can be discerned at a glance on a seasonal chart, which is calculated by averaging performance of the stock over the past 9  years. The horizontal axis depicts the time of the year, the vertical axis the level of the seasonal pattern (indexed to 100).

Source: Seasonax 

As the chart shows, the stock has historically performed very strongly. The stock price in 2017 has increased by more than 300%, compared to 2009. However, there is still an opportunity to pick out a time of the year that has shown stronger growth than the year-round average. The time-period associated with the strongest seasonal performance is highlighted on the chart in blue. It begins on November 1st and ends on December 21th.

Hawaiian Holdings shows 100% winning trades

In the examined time-period, Hawaiian Holdings exhibits a very strong 100% Winning Trades. Not only the frequency is exceptional in this seasonal pattern, the annualized return of 206.98% is truly remarkable.

The bar chart below illustrates this fact, green bars indicate years with positive returns. 

Source: Seasonax