Salesforce Selling?

Published 1 month ago at 28 Feb 2023

Salesforce is an American cloud based software provider that has its headquarters in San Francisco, California.


The company has cloud based applications that focuses on e-commerce, analytics, customer relationships and application developments. 
As future earnings move into focus with the prospect of a coming US recession how will Salesforce’s projections move the company’s share price? Will downbeat estimates emerge after earnings on Wednesday causing a drop in salesforce’s share prices? 
Seasonally, salesforce has had a weak time of year over the last 10 years during the month of March. From March 01 to March 31 the shares price has fallen 80% of the time with an average fall of -3.63% 
Are more falls ahead on Wednesday when earnings are announced after the close? 
Major Trade Risks: 
The major trade risk here is that there is some positive earnings announcements and projections which lift Salesforce’s share price.  
Remember, don’t just trade it, but Seasonax it! 

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