Seasonax Feature Tutorial

Screen your baskets

for trading patterns and save them directly into your account...

Screen your baskets

Each of your individual baskets can be easily and conveniently searched for interesting trading patterns using the Seasonality Screener. The results can be sorted and narrowed down according to your own needs.

How do you screen your custom baskets?

Select your basket to screen it for seasonal patterns
Set the filters according to your needs
Save your favorite patterns to your account

Select your basket

To select one of your baskets, switch to the screener and select one of your basets from the dropdown list.

Once you have selected a basket, the first results are immediately visible.

Let us customize our results!

Furthermore, we will also show you how to scan your custom baskets for interesting trading patterns with the help of the Seasonality Screener and how to get email notifications for your bookmarked patterns.

How to: Manage your baskets

How to: Get e-mail notifications for your patterns

Sort & filter your screener results

Set your filter criteria according to your needs, like start date, examination period, time period etc, and immediately see the results you are looking for.

Have you seen a pattern that you are interested in?

Let us add the pattern to your collection!

Bookmark a pattern

To open a promising pattern and add it to your patterns, click on your desired pattern and it will be opened directly and the pattern will be highlighted.

With a click on the "Bookmark Icon" in the navigation panel the pattern will be added to your patterns.

Email notifications

In the next tutorial we will show you how to store your patterns in the calendar and set an automatic reminder for the start and end of the pattern.


Get email notifications for your bookmarked patterns!
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