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Whether you finish reading this report, or not, may determine your future overall investment success.

Discover here which factor, that is completely ignored by most investors, will determine...

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  • ...or whether you will outperform by 3,374.2%.

You don't think so? Then take a look at this chart:

Dow Jones Chart

Here we are dealing with one and the same index (namely the Dow Jones). The only difference as to whether you would have made nothing or 3,374.2% profit is the period in which you would have invested in this index.

An initial investment of €30,000 would have given you a peak profit of €1,042,200.

However, the amazing thing is not actually this million-dollar profit in and of itself, but rather the fact that you gave exactly the same effort with both strategies.

Yes, even the stocks are exactly the same in both strategies....

All right: 3,374% may seem an implausibly large amount to you at first.

But the deeper you delve into this report and my investment strategy, the clearer it will become that these successes are also possible for you.

I'll show you the charts with all the evidence to get you there.
But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Dimitri Speck

My name is Dimitri Speck

You may know my name as the author of
the book "Secret Gold Policy" (English title:
"The Gold Cartel").

I was one of the first people to discover that the shares of certain companies don’t rise evenly throughout the stock market year.

Rather, there are seasonal effects that lift shares disproportionately strongly into the profit zone - while other phases are dominated by "sour cucumber time”!

To be honest: I was completely bowled over by this discovery!

And from that point on, there was no turning back:

I wanted to know if the same was true for other precious metals, and asset classes like stocks. So I looked at all sorts of stocks from the Dow Jones, the DAX and other indices over about 20 years.

I superimposed the price trends over a stock market year. And again I was bowled over...

Just look at how stock prices systematically repeat themselves as you can see here with the stock of Adidas:

Adidas Seasonality

When do people tend to buy the most sportswear and sneakers? Of course, when the summer season begins and people often spend time outdoors. Then again towards the Christmas season.

Between January and March, on the other hand, hardly anyone goes jogging or plays soccer outside.


You will find the same pattern if you look at Microsoft stock:

Microsoft Seasonality

Again, a correlation is immediately apparent when you look at what happens when Microsoft releases its quarterly numbers:

This happens 4 times a year. But always in October there are so-called "earning surprises”.

In other words, October earnings are typically always higher than analysts expect. However, this is not the case in the other 3 quarters.

And purely "coincidentally", Microsoft's share price always rises in October...

If you have read this far, you now know that there is a seasonal regularity behind this.

I want to replicate these seasonal effects and know immediately which stocks have the highest potential in the coming months. Please show me right now how I can turn these price patterns into cash now!


You can imagine that to see this regularity you have to evaluate vast amounts of "number graveyards”, data series with rates and key figures.

But once you have this database, you can do a lot more with it.

Therefore, I began to "stream" these seasonal effects tighter and tighter: down to days.

I did this not only with stocks - but also with indices and precious metals.

At that time, I had no idea that I would be the first to prove that the price of gold has been systematically manipulated by central banks and politicians since 1993.

Initially, I noticed a recurring pattern in gold for almost every year:

Gold Pattern

You can see here quite clearly:

Gold rises seasonally during the summer months of July and August. This comes from jewelry purchases before the start of the Christmas season as well as before the Indian marriage season, which also runs between October and December. Traditionally, a lot of gold is given away during that time as well.

Then comes a smaller increase in January and February - and otherwise not much is happening in the gold price...

Practically every year, the same course is repeated anew.

Every day, the 10-minute gold fixing takes place on the COMEX commodity exchange.

This is an auction that lasts about 10 minutes.

During the fixing, the participating banks can adjust their orders. Therefore, it is easy for someone who manipulates the gold price to manipulate the fixing.

For this purpose, futures are simply sold on the Comex.

As a result, the price of gold falls. This pattern has been in place since 1993 - again and again, without any intervention by the supervisory authorities.

You will notice from this example:

It is very easy to make quick profits if you know these seasonal effects.

Of course, I don't recommend you to do it like the banks in this example, but you can take advantage of such seasonal effects.

This regularity exists with practically ALL shares.

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Every industry has its cycles: sometimes demand is high, sometimes low:

  • Whether it's gold that's in demand for Christmas or the Indian marriage season.
  • Sneakers in the spring or operating systems in November.

You may want to ask:

How big is the difference in performance if you are only ever invested in the strong market phases - and stand on the sidelines during the weak phases?

I took the trouble to apply the old stock exchange rule “Sell in May and go away – but remember to come back in September” to check the truth in this.

After all, this also has to do with seasonal influences.

The result is just as sensational. It is the chart you already know from above:

Dow Jones Chart

I don't need to say many words:

If you had invested in the Dow Jones since 1960 - and only ever from November to April - you would have achieved (please note) an incredible...

Outperformance of 3,374.2 %

There can be no clearer proof that there are strong seasonal differences in the stock markets, and of the effects of these extremes on performance.

This insight completely upturned my view of the entire stock markets.

And maybe yours from now on too because:

If you knew that a particular stock always rises by around 10% in the spring, and just bobs along or falls the rest of the year....
... would you then buy it in the summer?

Certainly not!

But these are precisely the patterns that exist. So I make use of them with my SEASONAX investment strategy.

This means that in the future you will not only invest much more profitably, but also with less risk. After all, you are only ever invested during the historically most profitable phases and you get out as soon as a stock runs out of steam.

Seasonax is the world's best provider of charting and screening specifically for seasonal investment strategies.

Now you can test the complete Seasonax online portal with full functionality for 3 days and calmly pick out the stocks that have the best seasonal opportunities right now.


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Unlike other portals, Seasonax provides you with seasonal charts for more than 20,000 stocks, commodities, indices and currencies.
Within seconds you can see which stocks have the greatest chances of gains and when:

  • Whether they are right on the cusp of a seasonal upswing (as Adidas was in the spring).
  • Whether you can expect a stable upward trend for the share.

In your analyses, you will receive detailed rankings that show you exactly which candidates are the most promising:

Seasonality Screener

But not just that:
You also have access to special filter criteria that you won't find anywhere else:

For example, stocks that have only risen or fallen over long periods of time. Or how the US presidential cycle affects stock and especially bond prices.

This way you can make quick windfall profits.

Because only a few other traders include these values in their analyses. Or even know them in the first place...

EXTRA: the handpicked special analyses of our trading experts

On a regular basis, you will get special evaluations with seasonal charts on the Seasonax website, which you can trade immediately without having to put in a lot of effort:

Handpicked Patterns

This allows you to immediately enter values as soon as periods of high relative seasonal strength become apparent.

Or weaknesses - then simply go short in the value in question.

This way, you can also react quickly to trend reversals or temporary dips, and also collect windfall profits. For example, with FAANG shares or cryptocurrencies.

YES, Mr. Speck!
This sounds very interesting to me. I want to test the complete Seasonax online portal for 3 days with full features.


You get all of this when you try Seasonax today:

  • Unlimited access to all trading instruments
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  • Detailed statistics of price patterns
  • ... and much more!

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