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We are constantly receiving feedback from our users that they appreciate our devotion to data quality and development. With our tool they are making profits from decisions based on seasonal patterns. If you want to earn additional money, simply register for our affiliate program.

Our affiliate program is a win-win-win for you, for your peers that you recommend Seasonax to and for us.
We pay a commission of 15% for every new subscription. And we provide you with promotional coupons as a special benefit for your colleagues, business partners and friends.

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Frequently asked questions

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Simply put, affiliate programs are arrangements in which an online merchant website pays affiliate websites or partners a commission to send them traffic. These affiliate partners post links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement.
We do not need this information at all, because we only use bank transfer to pay out commissions. Unfortunately, the affiliate platform requires it, so you may just want enter something like
Basically, there is no limit. We pay a commission for every new paid subscription that we can connect to an affiliate partner. If you lead 1,000 new customers to Seasonax and all of them subscribe to our service, we will pay for each and every one of them.
The commission depends on the subscription. We pay 15% of the first invoice amount. Based on our subscription fees which vary from $ 9.95 to $ 1,200, your commission will also vary from $ 1,49 to $ 180.
We are using a platform which is specialized in affiliate programs. Every affiliate partner gets a unique referral link to e.g. post on their website. This referral link contains a unique ID which is connected to your account (e.g. If somebody visits our website, we store this id and if this user subscribes, we have all the required information to add the commission to your account.
Our affiliate platform provides a dashboard for you to monitor your leads and commissions in real time. You can track clicks and subscriptions with your partner link at any time which will result in commissions and payouts.
A commission is always due when a new subscriber pays their first invoice.
We are using cookies to store your partner ID and connect it with new subscribers. If somebody blocks cookies in their browser, there is no technical possibility for us to track the referral. Also, a cookie has a limited lifetime. If somebody signed up with your partner link and subscribed later than 30 days, we do not have the information anymore either. If you feel that something is not tracked properly, please reach out to us and contact and we will try to find a solution asap.
As soon as a commission gets approved, you will be notified in your dashboard. In order to keep things as simple as possible for you, we pay commissions automatically. You don't need to send an invoice. We create credit notes for all our affiliate partners once every quarter and take care of the money transfer. In order to create proper credit notes with correct tax rates, we will ask for some additional details via email once you sign up.

Our Affiliate Program Platform

Our platform provider LinkMink is focusing on transparency and fair business.
So do we and that's why we think this is a perfect match.

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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