Key Features of Our Powerful Decision Making Tool 

The #1 Seasonality Screener 

Find Excellent Investment Opportunities within Seconds 

  • Screen more than 25,000 instruments for upcoming profitable seasonal patterns
  • Quickly identify which instruments have the best potential
  • Rank screener results by the average return, annualized return, and winning trades
  • Sort your scan results and save into a watchlist

Events Studies 

Quickly Identify Price Trends Around Major Events

  • Discover high probability moves before and after key events
  • Get a news trading edge based on historical data
  • Create your own events study in just a few clicks
  • Nearly 100 events covered inside Seasonax 

Detailed Statistics

Give Your Trading a Statistical Edge

  • Detailed statistics of the selected seasonal pattern for every single year 
  • Historical percentage gain/loss statistics for a chosen time period
  • Detailed Pattern Returns, Annualized Returns, as well as Average Returns and Profits 
  • Compare seasonal patterns of different instruments on the same chart

Watchlists and Alerts 

Never Miss a Profitable Trade Again

  • Add up to 500 instruments of your choice and screen them for the upcoming seasonal patterns
  • Save your favorite seasonal patterns
  • Get an automatic email notification 3 days before the pattern starts and 3 days before the pattern ends
  • Set up automatic alerts


Dive Even Deeper to Discover Entry Opportunities During Long-Lasting Trends

  • Visually identify the seasonal trend more quickly
  • Easily spot favourable entry points for the instruments that have risen sharply in the recent years (FANG stocks or even Bitcoin)
  • Make seasonal trends more visible

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