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Seasonax' award-winning algorithms and analytical tool shows you how to apply recurring seasonal patterns to your daily trades. Make use of the Seasonax stock screener and automatically identify strong and weak trading signals starting from a specific date.

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In 2019 a scientific study in Rotterdam encompassed 200+ years and 68 markets. It showed that seasonality-based investment strategy indeed works. In fact, it actually outperforms far more popular strategies – what more can an investor ask for?

To benefit easily from seasonality, Seasonax shows you the exact date when to buy and when to sell individual assets. The seasonal chart below depicts the average course of Microsoft over the past 20 years.

The Microsoft stock shows a strong seasonal pattern with a high annualized gain

Microsoft typically rises during the highlighted time period from October 10th until November 5th. This seasonal pattern recurs almost every year! In this period Microsoft rose on average by 8.28% and gained 90% of winning trades over the past 20 years. This amounts to an impressive annualized gain of 203.90%! In these 18 trading days you could have experienced a new level of results. Seize the opportunity and stay ahead of the market!

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Start making consistent trades by applying seasonal patterns that recur every calendar year.
Find out the exact time when to buy or sell individual stocks, commodities, currencies by using our award-winning algorithms. Make your trading decisions based on empirical facts instead of emotions.



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