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Identify seasonal investment opportunities
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We offer you seasonal charts for 20,000+ stocks, commodities, indices and currencies. Detailed statistics about seasonal patterns and many other features like filters or detrending help you to improve your returns even more.

After many years of extensive research, we developed award-winning algorithms to capture seasonal trends. Benefit easily from our innovative approach to seasonality.

Powerful decision making tool

Find out the exact date when to buy or sell individual instruments in order to outperform the market by using seasonality.
Watch the promotional video to find out how to apply seasonal strategies with our application to your daily trades.

What is a seasonal chart?

Seasonal trends are best displayed on seasonal charts. Seasonal charts differ to conventional charts in that they do not show prices over a certain time period, but instead show price progression averaged over the course of a certain time frame (e.g. 10, 20 years).
Seasonal charts are based on historical data. For accurate and precise presentation of the values, the vertical axis is displayed in percent. A seasonal chart always starts at 100% and depicts the change over time.
Multiple price lines
Seasonax exmample of a seasonal chart

The seasonal chart shows you the accurate price performance information for any chosen day in the year. Without the complexity of a trading system, the seasonal chart gives you an easy access to seasonal patterns. Identify the exact date when to buy or sell individual instruments in order to outperform the market by using seasonality.


The Seasonality-Screener is a tool for investors and traders to quickly identify trading opportunities with consistent profits based on predictable seasonal patterns that recur almost every calendar year. Find the best seasonal trading opportunities in your preferred market with only a few clicks.


Advanced filtering

Benefit from advanced filtering options to analyze patterns around specific events or take a deeper look at bullish/bearish years

The data filter menu is an enormously useful feature, and it includes dozens of pre-programmed filters that can really speed up your work flow – for instance, you can select “only bullish” or “only bearish” years with just one click.

Another really neat extra are the four US presidential cycle filters. It is well known that presidential cycles have a tendency to affect securities prices, as fiscal and monetary policy are most definitely influenced by election dates. The one click feature saves you from having to select every relevant year by hand.

Detailed statistics

Dive deeper into key performance indicators for selected patterns and analyze potential profits at a glance.

Featured patterns

We regularly hand pick seasonal trading opportunities for our users.

Detrended chart view

A detrended chart starts and ends at 100 – but still shows all the fluctuations of the selected instrument. This is very useful when e.g. trying to find periods of relative seasonal strength and weakness in securities which have been in very long-lasting and persistent up- or downtrends with very few interruptions (such as e.g. the “FANG” stocks or Bitcoin).


Compare seasonal patterns with single years or with other instruments like indices. This feature is available exclusively to Seasonax Business subscribers.

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