Unleash the Power of Seasonality in Commodity Markets with Seasonax

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What is Seasonality in the Commodity Markets?

Seasonality refers to recurring trends in commodity prices based on the time of year. This powerful force can significantly influence the supply and demand of commodities, creating patterns that seasoned traders can harness for maximum profits.

About to take a trade on precious metals?

  • Selling gold in January or February? Think again! Gold has appreciated 100% of the time over the last ten years over that period. 
  • Looking to sell platinum between January 3rd and February 6th? Platinum increases in value 86% in that time frame over the past 15 years

Do seasonal patterns also work for my commodity portfolio? 

  • Do the fundamentals and technicals tell you to sell oil in February? Not so fast. Between February 6th and March 6th oil has risen 72% of the time over the past 25 years 
  • Buying Soybeans when the market opens after the new year? Good choice! Soybeans rose 70% of the time after the new year for the past ten years.

Uncover Excellent Commodity Opportunities within Seconds 

#1 Commodity Screener

Seasonax empowers you to swiftly pinpoint excellent investment opportunities. With the capacity to screen more than 25,000 instruments for potential profitable seasonal patterns, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to make informed trading decisions in a snap.

  • Easily identify instruments with the best potential
  • Rank screener results by average return, annualized return, and winning trades
  • Save your scan results into a watchlist for future reference

Events Studies

With Seasonax, you’ll gain a significant edge in commodity trading, by quickly identifying commodity price trends around major economic events

  • Discover high probability moves before and after key events
  • Create your custom events study with just a few clicks
  • Cover nearly 100 events including FED rate decisions, futures expiries, elections, labor market reports and many many more

Explore seasonality trends and uncover profit-making opportunities in a wide range of commodities

Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum
Energies: Oil, Natural Gas
Agricultural: Wheat, Soybeans, Corn, Coffee, Sugar, Cotton, Livestock
Metals: Copper, Nickel, Zinc
And many more!

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you!

We spent 10 years and about 30,000 hours compiling all the data.

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