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The Stock Screener is a tool for investors and traders to identify trading opportunities with above-average profits based on predictable seasonal patterns that recur almost every calendar year. It helps them to improve their investment strategy by identifying the best seasonal trading opportunities.

The Screener is an integral part of your Seasonax subscription and calculates seasonal patterns for profitable trades starting from a specific date.

How does the Stock Screener work?

1. Choose your preferred instruments

Depending on your Seasonax subscription, the Screener enables you to screen different instruments for upcoming profitable patterns.

2. Set your screening parameters

The calculation always assumes that you start a trade on a specific date.
Improve your trading results by screening hundreds of instruments in all sectors, using customizable screening criteria to discover investment opportunities.

3. Evaluate the result and examine the patterns

Rank the Screener results by their average return, annualized return, winning trades etc and dive deeper by using our seasonal charts and detailed analysis .

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