Seasonax Head Analyst Co-Founder Dimitri Speck about seasonal patterns in stocks, commodities, currencies and indexes

A webcast presentation originally held on July 15, 2020, as part of the CMT Association’s Educational Web Series. Annual seasonality and market cycles can be valuable tools for improving your trading and investing consistency.

Learn more about the occurance of seasonal effects, how to identify and especially how to increase your profits.

Dimitri Speck analyzes recurring seasonal patterns in popular stocks like Adidas, Microsoft Novo Nordisk, Gilead Sciences, etc.

Topics covered in this webcast presentation

0:00 Introduction Dimitri Speck
1:59 Introduction Seasonality
7:52 Seasonal Charts
10:10 Seasonal Trends in the Dow Jones
11:47 The US Dollar Index in the Course of the Year
13:01 Microsoft Stock in the Course of the Year
15:17 Soybean Futures in the Course of the Year
16:06 US Real Estate Prices Over the Year
17:27 Intra-Month, Turn of the Month Effect
20:48 Intra-Week Effects in the S&P 500
23:02 Gold Intra-Week & Intra-Day
25:29 Event Studies
27:37 Practice: Conincidence or Causal?
28:54 Practice: Distribution
30:54 Practice: Stability of Seasonal Trends
31:39 5 Ways of Seasonal Trading
38:17 Introduction Seasonax
46:31 Seasonal Screener
47:58 Q&A Live Questions