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Seasonax is a great addition to our application library. Being the most accurate and useful when it comes to seasonal patterns across all the asset classes I would strongly recommend it to both analysts and traders.

Ivan IlekovicSpecialist FX FI Risk / Thomson Reuters

Seasonax provides an unrivalled depth of data, often more than 30 years. It is easy and flexible to use and visually very clear. The intraday optimization is a helpful tool for our traders.

Iain BrownSenior Portfolio Manager / Insight Investment

For a complete look at seasonality I always turn to Dimitri Speck's charts.

Larry WilliamsLegendary trader and author of best selling book

The app is very easy to use and quickly identifies trade-able opportunities on a variety of instruments. The trades I've made using Seasonax have been successful. I look forward to using the products in the future. I recommend giving them a try.

Timothy J MaurerPrivate Investor

Seasonax’ app provides a unique approach to understand seasonality and to use the complex phenomena of cyclical patterns for your trading advantage. Especially, the application of event studies gives me a value add by assessing market reactions following today’s noisy news flow.

Stefan Memmer, CMTProf. Technical Analyst / Raiffeisen Bank International

Seasonax provides extremely valuable insights that I would not be able to discover otherwise and it really compliments the charting tools already available on the terminal to provide an unrivalled technical analysis experience.

Oliver T. Woolf, CAIA, CMT, FRMQuant Technical Strategist / Bloomberg

By integrating the Seasonax App with existing Thomson Reuters data, Eikon buy-side users have another robust layer of analysis that delivers further value to their trading, portfolio management, research, and other workflow needs.

Brad MummeHead of Platform Services / Thomson Reuters