A Vision For Visa

Is the US economy bulletproof? That’s what the recent price action in US stock markets has been saying. With the US economy showing a strong jobs markets, decent GDP, a low unemployment rate, and inflation starting to fall – the idea of a soft landing could be replaced by a ‘no landing’! Buy the dip has been the recent rallying call!

Now Visa has a great seasonal pattern right now and if consumer spending is set to continue on the first quarter of 2024 then check out Visa’s share price. With earnings being released after the close on Thursday check out Visa’s impressive seasonals. Over the last 15 years Visa’s share price has risen 86% of the time for an average return of over 9%!

Check out the video below for where traders could get involved!

The major trade risk here is that Visa’s earnings could disappoint traders and the seasonal pattern may not repeat again this year!

Remember don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!