All in for Allianz?

Allianz is a German multinational financial services company with its headquarters in Munich Germany. The heart of its business revolves around insurance and asset management.

Is an increase in inflationary pressures good news for Allianz who will be able to increase premiums for their insurance services? The latest results showed operating profits growing by 7.4% to 3.5 billion euros in Q3 and confidence in uncertain and challenging geo-political developments

The seasonal coming up are pretty strong for Allianz, so could later in December be an ideal time to buy?

From December 14 through to January 01 Allianz shares have risen 12 times over the last 5 years with an average return of over 2.39%. The maximum gain was nearly 8% in 2008 and the maximum loss has been relatively modest in 2017 of -1.56%.

Major Trade Risks:
The main risk here is that there is some negative news for the company or the Fed turns ultra aggressive at their December 14 meeting. Allianz, as a major insurer, is also particularly vulnerable to natural catastrophe.

Remember, don’t just trade it, but Seasonax it!