Can Coke Fizz Through Any US Recession Worries? 

Now the Coca-Cola company is a very famous American multinational company, founded at the end of the 19th century, best known for its famous product Coca-Cola. On top of its flagship flagship drink, the company also sells a number of soft drinks as well as alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, Son would consider Coca-Cola a recession-busting stock? Why? Because the relatively inexpensive cost means that consumers are often still able to afford a Coke even when economic times are tough. 

Taking a look at the seasonals Coca-Cola shares have a strong seasonal pattern. Over the last 25 years, Coke’s shares have risen 72% of the time between November 9 and December 05 for an average return of 1.79%. There is also a strong hammer reversal bar on the Monthly Chart that could be signaling higher prices. 

Major Trade Risks: 
The major trade risks here is that the previous seasonal pattern does not play out again this year.

Remember don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!