Can Nike shares run higher into year end?

How have the latest COVID-19 restrictions impacted demand for Nike gear in China? Will the lifting of restrictions and the warmer summer months give reason for optimism regarding Nike’s share prices? Nike shares tend to have a strong summer. Will that strong seasonal pattern repeat itself again this year?

Take a look at the details here:

Over the last 15 years between July 27 and September 26 Nike shares have gained a total of 11 times and lost value 4 times. The largest gain was +27.89% and the largest fall was -10.04%. The average return has been an impressive 6.45%.

Will Nike shares gain again during this period?

Major Trade Risks:

Watch out for any very bad news on Nike to negate this outlook as well as any other major news that harms global sentiment towards US stocks.

Analyse these charts yourself by going to and get a free trial! Which currency pair, commodity, index, or stock would you most like to investigate for a seasonal pattern?

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