DexCom: A go to health care stock?

DexCom, Inc. is a global company headquartered in San Diego, California, that focuses on the development, manufacturing, and distribution of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for managing diabetes. 

These systems enable individuals with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels consistently throughout the day, aiding in effective diabetes management and treatment decision-making. With a strong international presence, DexCom serves customers worldwide, contributing significantly to advancements in diabetes care through their innovative CGM technology 

Now, when there are recessionary risks health care companies can still remain profitable as consumers understandably prioritise health care. DexCom has some impressive seasonals outlined which have been found using the Seasonax screener feature.  

Major Trade Risks: 
The major trade risk here is for some stock specific news to DexCom or if the seasonal pattern fails to hold up this year 

Remember, don’t just trade it, but Seasonax it!