FED Minutes Move

The FOMC minutes are due out at 1900 UK time on Wednesday.

Since the very strong NFP print on February 03 economic data has been leading markets away from the idea of a Fed pause. More and more analyst are seeing the re-pricing in interest rate markets as higher rates from the Fed are being expected. This is a natural headwind for stocks and is why the S&P500 has been finding resistance as of late.

On Wednesday the latest set of minutes from the Fed’s last meeting will be released. Will they contain any surprises. From a seasonal perspective the S&P500 is prone to weakness after the FOMC minutes. So, will this make a hawkish surprise a good opportunity to sell the S&P500 out of the Minutes on Wednesday?

Major Trade Risks:
The major risk here is if the minutes contain a dovish surprises which makes markets once again expect a pause from the Federal Reserve!

Remember, don’t just trade it, but Seasonax it!