Ford to run higher on electric streak?

Ford’s latest quarterly results have shown increased demand for its electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle sales have tripled in September and total deliveries have been up 16% in the recent quarter. According to Ford the new flagship F-150 Lightning plug in only stays for eight days on dealers’ lots.
Will this good news help lift Ford stock which is currently down 40% on the year as supply chain woes weighed on Ford earlier in the year?

The seasonals are certainly strong. Over the last 10 years Ford has gained 9 times between Oct 09 and Dec 02. The average return has been over 10% and the largest gain was 31% in 2021.
Is Ford now set to surge higher on electric stock appeal?

Major Trade Risks:
The major trade risk here is that the US has a hard landing and that decreases demand for new vehicles.

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