Gold To Move Over 1.5% On Thursday?

On Thursday we have the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation – the PCE print.  The PCE print refers to the measurement of personal consumption expenditures, which tracks the expenditure on goods and services by US citizens. Since around 2012, the PCE index has become the primary inflation index used by the Federal Reserve to guide its policy decisions.

Now, if we see an out of consensus print it will be very likely that we will have a strong move to the upside or the downside in gold. Using the seasonal event feature on Seasonax it is possible to see how gold tends to react to the more well known CPI reading. By studying prior reactions we can set expectations for a daily move in gold for Thursday’s print. This is one event not to miss!

The major trade risk here is that the strong seasonals don’t necessarily repeat themselves again this year and key technical resistance / support can impact the extent of any moves.

Remember, don’t just trade it Seasonax It!

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