How to screen currencies instantly!

Today I will show you how to use the Seasonax screener function to automatically generate a list of the most promising investment opportunities. How does the Screener work? With two clicks generate signals for more than 25,000 individual stocks, currency pairs, indices, as well as commodities are being identified within seconds.

What do you have to do? Firstly, Choose your market. Let’s look at currencies. Are there any interesting patterns we may want to investigate? Yes, we can straight away see that the Canadian dollar is showing signs of strength that we want to investigate.

With oil prices spiking higher on Russia/Ukraine risk then we could easily see further CAD strength coming into markets.

Over the last 15 years CAD/USD has risen 13 times. There is a strong seasonal strength for the CAD around this time of the year and the years it has been weak the falls have been relatively small.