Is an AT&T buy the right call?

The COO of AT&T said that inflation is taking a ‘hotter’ toll now, but that AT&T is able to pull levers. The company recently announced that second quarter earnings would released on July 21. AT&T is a telecommunication provider and as a service provider could be well placed to withstand a recession as homes and businesses will still need to use telecommunication services. It is worth noting the strong seasonals that are place for AT & T coming up.

From July 21 through to August 02 AT&T shares have gained 20 times over the last 25 years. The average return has been +3.18% and the annualised return has been over 3.18%. The largest gain was +14.98% in 2002, but the largest fall was in 2008 with a -5.21% loss.
Does buying AT&T shares ahead of their earnings release make sense this time? Is the strong seasonal pattern likely to repeat itself again?

Major Trade Risks:
Disappointing earnings on July 21 could invalidate this outlook.

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