If you tired of information overfow and wasting time
on numerous analysis in order to make profits, Seasonax App is your solution.
Applicable to all asset classes in any given market environment!

The Seasonax App - A powerful decision making tool.

Find out the exact date when to buy or sell individual instruments in order to outperform the market by using seasonality.

Watch the promotional video to find out how to apply seasonal strategies with our application for your daily business.

The Seasonax App is available for Bloomberg Professional and Thomson Reuters Eikon

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Annual Seasonality

Seasonal trends at a glance.

Intraday Optimization

Ordering at the best time of the day can earn more money for your customers.

Event Studies

Seasonax unveils impact of main events on the market for all instruments.

Annual Seasonality: seasonal trends at a glance

Many industries have their seasonal trends, that are recurring every single year at the exact same date. Use the information and overcome the questions when to buy and sell each single instrument. With our unique algorithms you can find and evaluate patterns in just two clicks. Pick the stock (or any other instruments) and a pattern. All relevant statistics will appear within seconds.

Save tremendous amount of time and energy on countless analysis and start making money. Eliminate the emotions by taking a more systematic approach.

"Sell in May and go away"

This saying effects the market since decades. The chart to the right shows how much impact seasonality can have - in this example to the Dow Jones over the last 50 years.

Nothing at the markets is for certain. But you can work with probabilities. Some seasonal effects are even stable over decades.

Intraday Optimization: make your orders at the best time of the day and save tremendous amounts of money

With Intraday Seasonality you will be able to improve your day trade timing by optimizing entry and exit points. There are multifaceted reasons for typical intra-day patterns. They range from the processing of orders at the opening of the stock market to systematic intervention in markets such as gold.

Make use of  the countless seasonal effects that you can find with the Seasonax App.

Example for Intraday optimization for the Generic 1st "G" Future

The chart to the left shows the average intraday course of the bond future.

Buying bonds at a specific time of the day can save you money. With the help of the Seasonax App, you find these points for your assets within seconds.

Event Studies: Seasonax unveils impact of main events on the market for all instruments

The Seasonax App includes a tremendous amount of Event Studies that show recurring market reaction around events that have an impact on the market. The great thing about seasonality – especially event based– is, that they generate stories. Learn how the FOMC meeting, election phases or even key-notes of Apple do have an effect on different market instruments.

With the Seasonax App, you can see the impact of many events  (rate decisions, elections, last trading days, triple witching, holidays, reports, turn of the month…) projected on any of your favourite instruments with only a few clicks.

Identifying seasonal patterns event based with Seasonax unique "Event Studies" Feature

Many investors are looking eagerly at the outcome of the FOMC meetings. However, for their returns the days before are much more important.

The chart to the right depicts the average return of the S&P500 on the 5 days before and after FOMC announcements. During the two days of the FOMC meeting, the S&P typically rises almost 0.5 percent.