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The Seasonax App - A powerful decision making tool.

Find out the exact date when to buy or sell individual instruments in order to outperform the market by using seasonality.

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The Seasonax App is available for Bloomberg Professional and Thomson Reuters Eikon

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Seasonality - What it is and How You Can Benefit

Seasonalities are regular, predcitable patterns that recur every calendar year.
Every industry exhibits unique seasonal trends, based on solid fundamental drivers that we are able to benefit from. The best-known seasonal drivers include harvest periods, the timing of interest payments, the weather, investor sentiment at certain times of the year, tax and balance sheet deadlines, annual or quarterly financial reports, as well as traditional trading patterns, such as the year-end rally in the stock market. Seasonal strategies generate large gains based on statistical information; emotions play no role in trading decisions. After many years of intensive research, Seasonax has deveoloped an equity trading strategy that captures seasonal trends in specific stocks and profits form their recurring nature over the course of the entire calendar year. 

We, at Seasonax, have identified four features, which you can use to let these probabilities work in your favour!