Screening for Consumer Staples!

Screen For Recession Busting Stock!

One of the features of Seasonax is the ability to screen for specific stock. So, as central banks hike interest rates around the world to contain surging inflation demand is expected to fall.

One of the first areas that consumers will change their spending habits will be with their shopping bills. Now consumers still need to shop, but their retailer will change as they move towards discount stores in order to get better value for money. That is why consumer ‘staples’ tend to do well in a recession. Discount retailers actually see more customers, not less.

So, the S&P500 screener is a great tool for looking at consumer staples. By adjusting the start date, examination period, time period, and then by ordering the results by the number of winners it is easy to find some promising stocks to investigate. In this instance Costco could offer a recession busting stock as recessionary fears grow.

Major Trade Risks:
The major trade risk here would be on some very negative developments for CostCo’s stock.

Remember, don’t just trade it. Seasonax it!