Seasonax’s screener function highlights Visa, Coke, and JPMorgan for 90%+ seasonal gains

Seasonax’s screener function is great for highlighting interesting seasonal patterns ahead. By screening the Dow Jones Industrial Average from June 17 over the next 31-60 days we can see that there are number of stocks returned. The stocks with the highest win percentage are Visa, JPMorgan, and Coca-Cola with all seeing 90%+ seasonal returns. Visa has an average return of 5.64% from June 19 through to July 25.

JP Morgan has an average return of 4.68% from June 17 through to July 28

The Coca-Cola company has more modest average gains of 2.79% from June 17 through to July 25

Decent daily support sits at the nose of the strong hammer reversal bar on the Coca Cola Monthly chart, so this is a key area to potentially look for any dip buyers.

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  • The major trade risk here is that previous seasonal patterns do not necessarily repeat themselves each and every year.

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