Should You Buy Any Dip From JPMorgan Chase & Co?

Before Friday’s open JPMorgan Chase & Co will reveal their Q4 earnings. The performance of JPMorgan has been very strong in 2023 with the the firm earning so much that managers have been warning about ‘over earning’.

2023 earnings have been so strong that, according to Bloomberg, the earnings from the first nine months alone would rank as the company’s second best year ever!

There is also a great seasonal pattern coming up for JPMorgan that has a win percentage of over 80% and an average return of over 4%

 Check out the video for more details!

This is the most important release of the week and not one to miss!

The major trade risk here is to do with the general state of the US economy and/or the JP Morgan earnings release.

Remember don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!