Time in vs Timing the Market

Seasonax is a tool that suits short, medium, and long term traders.

Trying to time the market is a significant challenge that even professional investors struggle with. So, there are a couple of simple points that can help with those wanting a more passive style of investing.

Simple point number 1
Global indices, over the long term, gain. Whatever the crisis has been, eventually global stocks recover. Here is the MSCI All Country World Index. Over time stocks have gained significantly.

Simple point number 2
Certain times of the year offer a statistical edge for global index investors. Those who invest in the winter months in global stocks tend to see outsized returns.

So, in order to benefit from the long view, without trying to time the market entering global indices around now and holding until the end of the year tends to be a successful strategy. Not every year, but most years. In some situations, especially when buying and holding global indices, that has proven to be a historical advantage.

Major Trade Risks:
The main risk here is that previous seasonal patterns, although based on key reasons, are not guaranteed to happen again in the future.

Remember, don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!