Time To Buy Tesla Shares?

Over the last 13 years Tesla has seen an average return of 5% between the 22nd of Jan and the 5th of February. After the close on Wednesday Tesla’s earnings will be released. Will we see a surprise upside beat? In 2023 and 2020 Tesla’s share prices gained over 20%. However, in 2016 Tesla share prices fell nearly 20%.  So with a maximum gain during this period of 35% and a maximum fall of just under 20% these are volatile time. If there’s one thing that certain is that it could be a very volatile time for Tesla share prices.

Take a look at Teslas, key support and resistance levels that could be useful for taking advantage of Tesla’s terrific seasonals.

 Check out the video for more details!

The major trade risk here is that Tesla’s share prices move with great volatility over the earnings period after Wednesday’s close.

Remember don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!