Adidas to dash higher?

Today I will show you how to use the Seasonax screener function to automatically generate a list of some great potential investment opportunities. In this instance we will look at the Dax.

How does the Screener work? What do you have to do? Firstly, Choose your market. Let’s look at the DAX. Now for medium term buyers the recent falls in the Dax could potentially offer some good value for medium term buyers on the geo-political risk. Let’s search fr some individual opportunities within the Dax!

Let’s set our trade outlook parameters. We can look for seasonal opportunities that are starting from today, tomorrow or even in one month. Let’s look at seasonal patterns starting on March 10. Set the history of the data that you want to examine. Let’s go for the past 15 years. Set the minimum and maximum time period that you want to hold the instrument ranging from minimum 31 and max 90 days we will go for 61-90 days. And as an optional the last step, we can select the filter that will screen your results and remove all patterns with lower rates of winning trades. So, let’s go for 80%.

Over the last 15 years Adidas has risen 13 times with an average return of nearly 8%. This looks a very promising seasonal pattern and can help us identify which stocks to do some more research on! By using the Seasonax screener we can recognise some strong seasonal patterns to investigate in just a few clicks. However, the data we have mined has been substantial. Don’t just trade it, Seasonax it first!