Apple in focus

Apple seasonals show big two-way risks ahead!

News last week that Apple’s manufacturers in China have been instructed to immediately halt production of the iPhone 14 caused shares of Apple to fall on the Tuesday of last week.

Now many analysts are touting Apple’s earnings due on October 27 as an important indicator for consumer sentiment. If Apple’s earnings show any nasty surprises then watch out for the potential for a spillover into wider market sentiment.

However, what about Apple’s seasonal patterns? Well over the last 10 years Apple’s seasonals have been tilted higher, but dragged significantly lower by the falls in 2018.

So, investors need to watch out for potential falls starting on October 27 if Apple’s shares disappoint markets!

Major Trade Risks:
There are two way risks here for Apple shares as they are being so hotly watched this year as a gauge of consumer sentiment

Remember, don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!