Is a FTSE Spring Boost Ahead Before UK Elections?

Over the last 25 years the month of April has been the firmest month for the FTSE 100 with an average return of over 2%. However, the seasonal period of strength often begins around the middle of March and runs into the end of April. When you look at the seasonal period of strength between March 12 and April 29th you can see that the FTSE 100 actually has an average return of over 3%. There have also been some years of outsized gains and the last 10 years have been particularly strong.

Is this a great time to buy the FTSE 100 ahead of a coming UK election? Will the gloom of spending cuts be eclipsed by short term, vote winning, tax cuts? Could this give the FTSE 100 an early spring boost?

Check out the video below for more details!

The key risk here is that previous seasonal patterns do not necessarily repeat each year.

Remember, don’t just trade it Seasonax It!