Is silver set for a strong summer?

Silver and gold typically have a strong seasonal pattern around the summer months of July and August. This is in part due to jewellery stock purchases ahead of Christmas and buyers for the Indian wedding season. One of the other key drivers for precious metals remains the path of the USD and real yields, but the strong summer seasonal pattern is worth being aware of. In particular there is a strong seasonal pattern around the second half of August.

Take a look at the details here:

Over the last 15 years between August 18 and September 03 silver has gained a total of 9 times and lost value 6 times The largest gain was +16.57% and the largest fall was -4.22%. The average return has been 4.30%.

Will silver gain again during this period?

Major Trade Risks:

The main risk would come from risk off trading boosting USD demand and inflationary fears pricing in higher yields.

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Remember, don’t just trade it, Seasonax it !