Long & wrong on gold?

The latest move by the Federal Reserve has affirmed that tackling inflation is the number one priority of the Federal Reserve, even if it means bringing the US into what’s called a ‘hard’ landing.

A hard landing is when growth is hindered so badly by rising interest rates that the economy comes to a sudden and abrupt halt as debt repayments increase, mortgage payments rise, property valuations sink, and stocks slide rapidly lower.

One commodity that is touted as a stagflation hedge is gold, but the surge in real yields and the USD has kept gold, silver, and platinum pressured.

So, have you considered how seasonals can help you in your trading to potentially help with timing your entries? They can be a huge help as I explain the video above!

Major Trade Risks:
If the USD and real yields stay firm then gold can continue to track lower despite its seasonal pattern

Remember, don’t just trade it. Seasonax it!