Platinum play?

Platinum tends to see gains around the start of the year as Industrial purchases are made for the year from 2022.

Yes, global growth concerns have been growing, but many company orders for 2023 would have already been made and that could mean platinum demand holds up even as global sentiment wobbles. 
Check out this strong seasonal pattern from platinum. 
Over the last 25 years platinum has gained 20 times between January 29 and February 19. The average return has been a strong 4.11% and the maximum gain was over 25% in 2008. The largest loss was a relatively mild 4.13% in 2006.  
Does this make a platinum play worthwhile? 
Major Trade Risks: 
The major trade risk here is that the seasonal pattern does not repeat itself and global sentiment manages to still drag down platinum demand.  
Remember, don’t just trade it, but Seasonax it!