Perhaps Platinum?

Platinum is sitting at a very key support level, just as the seasonal pattern looks promising. The two strongest months of the year for Platinum are in January and February. From January 30th through to February 18 there is an average return of 2.55% for Platinum and a 75%  winning trade percentage.

Platinum’s Push

Platinum has a very strong seasonal pattern to start the year. Over the last 25 years prices have gained over 75% of the time for an average return of 6.02%. The maximum drop in a positive year has been -7.38%, so the technicals look attractive for dip buying platinum if we see a pull back in early January.

Platinum play?

Platinum tends to see gains around the start of the year as Industrial purchases are made for the year from 2022. Yes, global growth concerns have been growing, but many company orders for 2023 would have already been made and…