Time to buy BlackRock stock?

BlackRock is an American multi-national investment company that has its headquarters in New York.

It is the world’s largest asset manage with around $10 trillion in assets.

So, with the the US hiking interest rates is this a good time to enter into a seasonal BlackRock buy for Q4?

Financial stock can gain as interest rates rises and profitability can increase for financial products and BlackRocks seasonal gains are strong.

BlackRock stock has enjoyed some significant gains between October 01 and December 31. In the last 22 years BlackRock has moved higher 19 times and only lost value three times.

Major Trade Risks:
The major risk here is if there is a sharper slowdown in the US economy and the Fed engineers a ‘hard landing’ which can result in another leg lower for stocks.

Remember, don’t just trade it. Seasonax it!