Time to buy Tesla’s dip or let it slip?

Tesla’s share prices have had their worst ever half year results with a drop of over 30%. Supply chain issues, higher raw material costs, and worries over a global recession have all been weighing on Tesla’s stock prices over the last few months.

On top of this Elon Musk, the charismatic leader of the company, is simultaneously pursuing a bid to buy Twitter at the same time as trying to take Tesla to new levels of production.

So, where does Tesla go from here? Will it maintain a first mover advantage in the EV industry? Will it get a new direction from its solar roof tiles or its Optimus robot?

Ultimately it is impossible to say. However, the seasonals pattern point to a decent second half of the year with an average return of 21.40%

Is Tesla stock worth buying or is the volatility too high and make it not worth the risk?

Major Trade Risks:

  • A sharp global slowdown can create more headwinds for Tesla stock
  • Any bad news for the company can weaken prices

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