Will American Express gain from higher interest rate charges?

One of the key questions for US investors right now is whether or not US growth has started to show signs of slowing. Furthermore, are the signs of growth slowing so serious that US stocks are poised to take another leg lower if the Fed are having to hike more than 7 times this year? Ultimately that question of slowing US growth will be answered as more and more US economic data comes in. However, it is worth looking at stocks that tend to do well as interest rates rise. Remember that stocks and interest rates can rise together as long as growth stays on track. Financials can also gain as their higher interest rate charges can mean higher profitability.

Between March 30 and April 28. over the last 14 years, American Express has risen 11 times with an average return of 4.61%. Will American Express rise again this year or will slowing US growth harm the outlook for financial stock?

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