Will NFP Send The USDJPY Soaring?

One of Seasonax’s neat features is the ability to track key events like the NFP release. We can set the event feature to look at any instrument we want to in order to see how the market reacts to key data releases.

Right now the market has been seeing USD seasonal strength to start the year due to some tax-related flows from US corporations(as tends to happen most years). The data out this week for the US has been mixed and the NFP print will be crucial in setting the tone for the USD to end the first week of 2024. Will we see USDJPY gains as is in keeping with the seasonal event bias?

This is the most important release of the week and not one to miss!

The major trade risk here is to do with the data release itself and how the USD reacts in line with shifts in US interest rates expectations.

Remember don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!

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