Disney Earnings

Walt Disney earnings are due after today’s close and investors will be watching for news of how their Disney+ subscription service has been doing. Have Disney+ managed to eat into Netflix and Amazon Prime’s margins? Disney already have more subscribers than Netflix as they surpassed Netflix’s 220 million subscribers 3 months ago. Will they now extend that lead?

Disney have recently announced a multi year extension of their F1 broadcast partnership where F1 races will continue to be shown on ESPN networks in the US through the 2025 season.

So, can Disney shares announce a few surprises today after the close? Disney seasonals are pretty strong into year end.

Over the last 15 years, between November 20 and December 30, Disney share prices have risen 12 times and only lost value 3 times. The average return has been 6.58%.

Will Disney earnings provide a catalyst for a move higher into year end despite global slowdown worries?

Major Trade Risks:

The main risk here is that stocks keep tracking lower if the Federal Reserve keeps on its aggressive rate hiking policy in order to curb excessive US inflation.

Remember, don’t just trade it, Seasonax it.