Nvidia Volatility Ahead!

Nvidia’s shares have risen over 230% since the start of the year and their earnings are due out after the close on Tuesday. From a seasonal perspective there is a very strong upside bias in Nvidia, but look at the volatility that there has been too! The average gain has been 12.07% over the period highlighted, but look at the maximum gains:  86% in 2010, 67% in 2008, and 45% last year! The downside volatility has been strong too with maximum falls of  31% in 2021, 19% in 2016, and 14% in 2018!

So, watch out for some strong volatility ahead for Nvidia shares!

Dip buying ahead?

The major trade risk here will be the strong volatility from Nvidia’s share price as this can accent gains and losses in a short period of time.

Remember don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!