Is Now The Time To Buy A Nvidia Dip?

Nvidia has been at the forefront of technological innovation in various sectors, and its products and technologies have had a significant impact on industries ranging from gaming to artificial intelligence. Nvidia has a seasonally weak pattern around this time of the year.

Nvidia And AI Hype!

Nvidia earnings will be in focus after the close on Wednesday Feb 21st. Investors will want to know if AI hype is still driving demand for Nvidia’s chips and they will want to see how Nvidia view future earnings as the US economy shows signs of slowing.

Nvidia Volatility Ahead!

Nvidia’s shares have risen over 230% since the start of the year and their earnings are due out after the close on Tuesday. From a seasonal perspective there is a very strong upside bias in Nvidia, but look at the volatility that there has been too!

Nvidia Upside To Be Capped?

Bloomberg reported yesterday that Nvidia could be flashing signs of overheating. The reason that Bloomberg considers Nvidia to be overbought was based on the fact that the shares have climbed over 230% since the start of the year, and they are currently in overbought territory on the RSI index. So does this mean Nvidia is due for a pullback? 

Is Now The Time For Nvidia?

Nvidia is reportedly planning to reveal three new chips for China according to the Star Market Daily. According to the reports, the announcement could come as soon as November 16, and Nvidia shares are up in premarket trading in anticipation of the event.

Nvidia: Time to fill the gap?

Last week, Nvidia witnessed a significant surge in its shares, experiencing a nearly 25% increase on Thursday.  This surge was primarily driven by optimistic market sentiment surrounding the potential for substantial gains resulting from advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.…