Nvidia’s hot summer seasonals are not to be missed

On Wednesday May 22, after the close, Nvidia’s earnings will be released. Many analysts recognise that tech stocks have been propping up stocks, but there are significant risks as big tech names release their earnings. Now Nvidia is a well known big tech AI play and it has seen significant moves over the last few months. The seasonals are also very strong right now. Over the last 15 years, between May 26 and August 31 Nvidia has gained an average of 10.60% with some gains greater than 50%, but some losses  nearly as large as 30%. So, Nvidia is a volatile stock and the earnings release has the potential to change the sentiment for the wider stock market more generally as many ‘tech’ and ‘AI” hopes are encapsulated by Nvidia’s earnings.

Technically there is major support around 800 and previous all time highs are around 975.

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The major trade risk here is that Nvidia earnings surprise to the downside and that can send Nvidia sharply lower

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