Will US CPI Print Send Gold 3% Higher?

The event feature on Seasonax allows us to see the reaction of instruments to market moving economic data. With just a couple of clicks we can analyse the data and see how gold has reacted over the last 5 years worth of US inflation reports.

Over the last 5 years gold has risen into and out of US CPI prints 60% of the time for an average 0.28% gain. Interestingly, the largest gain on a US CPI print in gold has been 3.11%. So, if we see a big miss in the US CPI print with the CPI MM 0.10% or lower, the Core CPI MM 0.10% or lower, the headline 3% or lower, and the CORE CPI 3.7% or lower then watch out for gold gains!

If that deviation happened could we gold gain 3% again?

Check out the video for more details!

This is the most important release of the week and not one to miss!

The major trade risk here is if inflation comes in high – that will pressure gold lower.

Remember don’t just trade it, Seasonax it!