Dimitri Speck

Dimitri Speck

Dimitri Speck is a renowned financial analyst and fund manager, who has earned accolades for his innovative seasonal investment strategy. Dimitri is a prolific writer, with one of the biggest stock market letters in Germany, along with several books. He won several awards, including the Hedge Fund Journal’s award for the best European commodity fund in 2013 and the Scope Innovations Award in 2018.

How Can I Find Really Bad Seasonal Patterns?

You are probably familiar with common loss limitation measures, such as diversification or the use of stop losses. At Seasonax, we always advise you to take such measures. Today, however, I would like to show you how to recognize seasonal patterns that look good at first glance, but are actually bad - and which you should not act on.  

4-Year Election Cycle: How will 2024 go?

The turn of the year, 2023 into 2024, is just around the corner. As an investor, you may well be wondering what the new year will be like. In terms of politics, the US presidential elections are approaching. Although the new - or old - president will not be inaugurated until 2025, elections also influence share prices in their run up. This election cycle is in fact known as the four-year cycle.
Seasonal Insight 17/23 Dimi

Is Volatility About to Breakout?

Currently, implied volatility, as calculated from option prices on the US stock market, is relatively low. The Bank of America recently found that there has not been a cheaper time to hedge over a twelve-month period since 2008. This raises these questions for you as an investor: has a phase of permanently low volatility now been reached? Or is the current low volatility merely the calm before the storm?