Tea Muratovic

Tea Muratovic

Tea Muratovic is an accomplished professional in the financial markets with extensive experience in the global market landscape. She received multiple investment awards, including the Female Austrian Investor Award in 2019, and was featured in the UK's Women in Fintech Powerlist. Tea's contributions to the industry include numerous articles in top publications, such as Bloomberg, Institutional Money, Refinitiv Eikon, TalkMarkets, FXEmpire, CMT, and international stock exchanges.

October’s Stock Market Mojo

This September, the stock market acted just as we expected. Usually, September is a tough month for the S&P 500, and this year was no different. Investors may well be wondering therefore: “Is October going to bring some relief?”

The Dog Days of Summer: How August Affects the Stock Market

August is widely known for its scorching heat and languid days. However, it often carries with it a unique behavioral pattern in the stock market. Historically, August has seen softer market movements, lighter trading volumes, and frequently a certain degree of pullback. But what drives these August anomalies? And amidst these fluctuations, which stocks remain promising investments?

White Gold Fever: Riding the Lithium Wave in the Stock Market

Silver-white, light, and highly reactive, lithium might not be the most famous element on the periodic table, but it is definitely one of the most influential at present in shaping our modern world. As the crucial ingredient of lithium-ion batteries, that power everything from your smartphone to electric vehicles (EVs), lithium has gained the status of the "white gold" of the 21st century.

“Wining and Dining” on the Stock Exchange

With Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of the summer season in the United States, it's not only outdoor activities, vacations and barbecues that see a spike in consumer spending. The "Wining and Dining" sector, a combination of the beverage and restaurant industries, also experiences a significant surge, as people indulge in festive meals, chilled drinks, and dine-out experiences. This increase in consumer spending often serves as a catalyst for summer growth in related stock sectors.